Digital Photography

Our dentists and team will often use digital photography in Marysville, Michigan. You may associate photographs with pictures of family, friends, scenery or special events, but they can actually play a very important role in your oral health care.

Dr. Fadi Moosa or Dr. Michelle Vredenburg can use digital photographs of your smile to help you understand your oral health needs and find potential problems early on when they are easier to treat. They can also help our team and even you track the results and progress of your treatment and inspire you to reach your smile goals. These photos can be used as part of your dental records and can be shared with other dentists or health professionals to diagnose health issues or in the creation of your treatment plan. Our dentists can also send these photos to your insurance company to assist you with justifying your claim.

To learn more about the role that digital photography can play in improving your smile, call Bright Pointe at 810-364-9060 today to schedule an appointment.