Abfraction Repair

One of the most important roles that your gums play is to protect your teeth from damage. If your gums being to recede, you could be at risk for a dental abfraction. An abfraction is a small lesion or notch, usually in the shape of a V, that occurs on your teeth at the gumline. There are several causes for abfractions, such as force from chewing or bruxism or even the chemistry of your body. However, one of the most common causes is the erosion of the enamel at the base of your tooth from the acids and sugars in many of your favorite drinks, meals and snacks.

Dr. Fadi Moosa or Dr. Michelle Vredenburg can repair the damage to your smile through dental bonding, which can fill in the lesion and protect your tooth from decay or infection. This treatment can also reduce the problem of tooth sensitivity and restore the appearance of your smile. If your problem is due to wear and tear, our dentists may suggest using a night guard to prevent further problems.

If you have noticed notches in your teeth or tooth sensitivity, contact the team at Bright Pointe at 810-364-9060 today. We can schedule for a visit for abfraction repair in Marysville, Michigan.