Teeth Whitening Treatments Designed for Lasting Results

If you are dissatisfied with the shade of your smile, gentle, safe teeth whitening can give you a brighter, whiter smile. Dr. Michelle Vredenburg and her experienced staff at Bright Pointe dental provide effective, professional Zoom!® teeth whitening at their Marysville, MI, office. Dr. Vredenburg can help you create a unique plan to create and maintain a brighter smile. With both in-office and take-home whitening options, you are sure to get the vibrant, lasting results you desire.

You can easily perform your own whitening touch-ups at home, ensuring your results can last up to three years.


We provide Zoom!® whitening for patients who are in good oral health and do not require any restorative procedures. Zoom!® Whitening works well on stains that occur as a result of teeth coming in contact with coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, berries, dark sauces, and other staining foods. Whitening treatments may also be effective for other types of internal discoloration such as fluorosis and tetracycline stains. If you desire more extensive results, Dr. Vredenburg may suggest other cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers, to conceal internally stained teeth.


Teeth whitening can give you a whiter smile, which can appear more youthful, healthy, and vibrant. Your brighter smile can boost your confidence. In addition, professional teeth whitening is able to provide significant benefits over options you can buy at the local drug store.

Teeth whitening procedures at Bright Pointe are overseen by an experienced dentist who can work with you to determine the correct strength of active ingredients for your treatment. This process can protect your teeth and soft tissues from any possible damage, and will limit sensitivity and discomfort. In addition, professional treatments are able to provide more significant results in less time. With both in-office procedures and take-home kits, you can safely achieve a smile that is up to eight shades brighter.

Photo of person receiving Zoom! teeth whitening treatment

In-office whitening treatments are gentle, safe, and can provide significant results in less than an hour.

About Zoom!® Whitening Treatment

In-office Zoom! treatments are quick and simple. The procedure itself takes about one hour. We will first cover your gums to protect them from the solution that will brighten your tooth enamel. We will then evenly and carefully apply a gel to your teeth. A specialized light is then directed at your teeth to activate the bleaching agents in the gel. This process typically takes about 15 minutes and will be repeated three times for optimal effects.

At-home Treatment

For take-home kits, our team will provide you with custom-fit trays and bleaching gel. You will fill the trays with gel, and wear the trays for a set time recommended by Dr. Vredenburg. In about two weeks you can achieve similar results to in-office procedures. In addition, you can combine take-home kits with in-office treatments to maintain lasting results. 

With Dr. Vredenburg, the cost of a take-home kit to maintain in-office procedure results is automatically included in your treatment plan. You can easily perform your own touch-ups at home, ensuring your results can last up to three years.

Transform Your Smile

A brighter smile and improved self-confidence can be yours, with a safe, professional teeth whitening treatment. Contact our office to learn more about Zoom!® Whitening, and find out if this procedure is right for you.

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