Invisalign® Can Provide Significant Results with Discreet Treatment

Invisalign® treatment allows patients to enjoy even, straighter teeth, without the hassle or discomfort of metal braces. Committed to providing the best possible dental services, and helping patients achieve aesthetically pleasing smiles, Dr. Michelle Vredenburg and her team offer Invisalign® for adults and teens in their Marysville, MI, office. With an average treatment timeline of only a year, this is a great option for patients to subtly and quickly enhance their smile.


Invisalign® is ideal for adults and teenagers who do not want to wear traditional braces, but have minor to moderate orthodontic issues. This advanced cosmetic treatment is able to address a number of concerns, including:

  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Angled teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Rotated teeth
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Jaw alignment issues
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Invisalign® provides effective, virtually invisible treatment, without the discomfort or appearance of metal brackets and wires.

About Invisalign®

Invisalign® is an innovative option for orthodontic treatment. While traditional orthodontics and many accelerated braces systems require metal, plastic, or ceramic brackets cemented to tooth enamel, Invisalign® does not permanently attach to teeth. Instead, this system uses a series of virtually invisible aligner trays to gently shift your teeth into proper position. In addition, with conventional braces, a wire is threaded through the brackets and then tightened, exerting often painful pressure on teeth to direct their movement. The series of trays used for Invisalign® treatment allows for gradual shifts in teeth that cause less discomfort. In about three to 18 months, you can have a straighter smile, without the hassle of traditional braces.

Our office also provides specialized Invisalign® treatments. Invisalign® Express is available for patients with minor cosmetic concerns. This treatment can often help patients achieve their desired smile in as few as 10 weeks. Bright Pointe also offers Invisalign® Teen for younger patients. This treatment comes with up to six extra aligners to replace any trays that are lost. Teen aligners also feature a blue dot that will fade when exposed to saliva. This dot allows parents and Dr. Vredenburg to know if a young patient is not wearing their aligner as much as necessary. 


When compared to traditional braces and accelerated orthodontic systems, the innovative cosmetic treatment of Invisalign® offers many benefits, including:

  • Clear, inconspicuous appearance
  • Short treatment time - only three to 18 months
  • No “tightening” appointments
  • No wires, brackets, or bands that cause pain and sores
  • Removable appliance - not anchored to teeth
  • Easy brushing and flossing
  • No dietary restrictions - can remove aligner when eating
  • Option to remove aligner for special occasions


The first step toward becoming an Invisalign® patient is a consultation with Dr. Vredenburg. Our team will take detailed scans and images of your teeth, and work with a specialized computer program to plan your treatment. An Invisalign® lab can then fabricate 20 to 30 custom aligners. Once your trays are completed, Dr. Vredenburg will give you the first few sets of aligners, along with instructions for their use and care.

You will wear each aligner for about 22 hours a day, and progress onto the next tray in the series about every two weeks. Invisalign® patients will return for progress checks approximately every six weeks, when Dr. Vredenburg can provide you with the next few aligners in your series. Once you have completed treatment, you will need to wear a Vivera® or traditional retainer to maintain your results. Dr. Vredenburg will help you decide which type of aligner will work best for your needs.

With an average treatment timeline of only a year, Invisalign® is a great option for patients to subtly and quickly enhance their smile.

Cutting Edge Technology

Say goodbye to goopy impressions! Impressions are now made easier with our iTero scanner. We have a scanner that we use for all Invisalign records and even for crowns and bridges.

Begin Your Smile Transformation

If you would like to investigate Invisalign® further, Dr. Vredenburg will be pleased to meet with you. We invite you to contact our office today to reserve a consultation to discuss this advanced treatment.

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